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    AG Sessions: MS-13 gang, drug cartels among top threats to US

Via: circa.com | Author: Steven
10/16/2018 19:10:05 ET    0 Views     Political 

    Claire McCaskill's Staff Praise Her Ability to Hide Gun Control Support from Missouri Voters

Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
10/16/2018 19:10:28 ET    1 Views     Political 

    Heitkamp Apologizes for Outing Sexual Assault Survivors in Ad

Via: splinternews.com | Author: Steven
10/16/2018 19:10:42 ET    0 Views     Political 

    Project Veritas Exposes Third Democrat Who has Been Pandering to 'Moderate' Voters
Sen. Claire McCaskill Of Missouri Has Admitted She’s Hiding Her True Colors In The Hope Of Getting Elected.

Via: trunews.com | Author: Steven
10/16/2018 19:10:16 ET    0 Views     Political 

    Stage IV TDS Warren’s DNA Gambit Fails Spectacularly
Senator’s Antics Could Wind Up Costing Democrats With Otherwise ‘Comfortable’ Leads Going Into Next Month’s Midterm Election.

Via: trunews.com | Author: Steven
10/16/2018 19:10:30 ET    0 Views     Political 

    Atlanta agrees to pay to $1.2 million to former fire chief Kelvin Cochran

Via: baptistnews.com | Author: Steven
10/16/2018 19:10:30 ET    0 Views     Political 

    Sen. Hatch Trolls Sen. Warren Claims He’s 1/1032 T-Rex
According to his joke, Hatch could have the same percentage T-Rex as Warren might be Native American

Via: infowars.com | Author: Steven
10/16/2018 06:10:27 ET    0 Views     Political 

    2nd Correction Made On Elizabeth Warren DNA Test Story Warren Gets Mocked

Via: dailywire.com | Author: Steven
10/16/2018 06:10:55 ET    2 Views     Political 

    Trump tops $100 million in fundraising for his own reelection

Via: greenwichtime.com | Author: Steven
10/16/2018 06:10:56 ET    1 Views     Political 

    It's Not Looking Good For Keith Ellison In Minnesota

Via: weaselzippers.us | Author: Steven
10/16/2018 05:10:15 ET    1 Views     Political 

    Kyrsten Sinema in 2011: Arizona Is Famous in a 'Lindsay Lohan Kind of Way'

Via: freebeacon.com | Author: Steven
10/16/2018 05:10:55 ET    1 Views     Political 

    Democrats in swing districts advised to avoid talking about immigration

Via: thehill.com | Author: Steven
10/16/2018 05:10:32 ET    2 Views     Political 

    Sinema Caught Again 'Arizona Is The MethLab Of Democracy'

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
10/16/2018 05:10:52 ET    1 Views     Political 

    Are There Any Moderate Democrats Left?
Trump: "The truth is that the centrist Democratic Party is dead. The new Democrats are radical socialists who want to model America’s economy after Venezuela"

Via: saraacarter.com | Author: Steven
10/15/2018 04:10:18 ET    3 Views     Political 

    BUSTED: Tennessee Dem’s Staff Explains THE TRUTH Behind Candidate’s Pro-Kavanaugh Stance

Via: saraacarter.com | Author: Steven
10/15/2018 04:10:22 ET    3 Views     Political 

    Far Left Swiss official refuses to admit that rising violence and soaring crime rates are the result of mass Muslim migration

Via: barenakedislam.com | Author: Steven
10/15/2018 04:10:15 ET    1 Views     Political 

    BALTIMORE: CAIR provides the best reason to vote for David Yungmann in Howard County Council’s District 5

Via: barenakedislam.com | Author: Steven
10/15/2018 04:10:45 ET    1 Views     Political 

    Trump Gains 5 Points in Poll After Handling of Kavanaugh, Hurricanes

Via: westernjournal.com | Author: Steven
10/15/2018 04:10:16 ET    0 Views     Political 

    Kyrsten Sinema: Arizona Is the Meth Lab of Democracy

Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
10/13/2018 08:10:23 ET    5 Views     Political 

    Democrats' PC Problem
A conservative-led coalition of sane voters

Via: dailywire.com | Author: Steven
10/12/2018 19:10:37 ET    4 Views     Political 

    Lindsey Graham’s classy response to Chelsea Handler’s ‘homophobic’ dig is priceless

Via: bizpacreview.com | Author: Steven
10/12/2018 19:10:27 ET    5 Views     Political 

    Kevin McCarthy rolls out bill to fully fund border, cut off ‘sanctuary cities’ and more

Via: bizpacreview.com | Author: Steven
10/12/2018 19:10:44 ET    4 Views     Political 

    Mitch McConnell Slams 15 Judicial Confirmations Through In Less Than Two Hours And Progressives Aren’t Happy
Winning, Winning, Winning !!!!

Via: redstate.com | Author: Steven
10/12/2018 18:10:24 ET    5 Views     Political 

    Kyrsten Sinema's anti-war activist past under scrutiny as she runs for Senate

Via: cnn.com | Author: Steven
10/12/2018 18:10:56 ET    3 Views     Political 

    State Dept: Security clearances for Hillary Clinton, Cheryl Mills & 4 others have been ‘withdrawn’

Via: twitchy.com | Author: Steven
10/12/2018 18:10:09 ET    4 Views     Political 

    More FBI Corruption Exposed: "Compromised" Asian Staff Recalled After Prostitution Probe

Via: zerohedge.com | Author: Steven
10/12/2018 04:10:28 ET    5 Views     Political 

    Sen. Cotton Suggests Kavanaugh Hit Job Was Schumer "Political Operation" With Bharara Connection

Via: zerohedge.com | Author: Steven
10/12/2018 04:10:38 ET    5 Views     Political 

    Kavanaugh hearings woke up GOP, says Dem pollster

Via: thehill.com | Author: Steven
10/12/2018 04:10:53 ET    8 Views     Political 

    Trump, Declassification and Leverage

Via: americanthinker.com | Author: Steven
10/12/2018 04:10:27 ET    5 Views     Political 

    Was it the money? Nikki Haley 'up to $1M in debt' as she resigns as UN ambassador

Via: washingtonexaminer.com | Author: Steven
10/12/2018 04:10:43 ET    6 Views     Political 

    Mitch McConnell: Forget Merrick Garland, GOP can confirm a Supreme Court justice in 2020 if it wants

Via: washingtonexaminer.com | Author: Steven
10/12/2018 04:10:28 ET    5 Views     Political 

    FBI’s smoking gun: Redactions protected political embarrassment, not ‘national security’

Via: thehill.com | Author: Steven
10/12/2018 04:10:55 ET    6 Views     Political 

    Former FBI lawyer: Plot to record, remove Trump not a joke

Via: thehill.com | Author: Steven
10/12/2018 04:10:24 ET    6 Views     Political 

    Phil Bredesen's Staff Says He Is Lying About Kavanaugh Vote in Undercover Video. "It's a political move."
Too bad Phil, you're busted

Via: projectveritasaction.com | Author: Steven
10/11/2018 04:10:47 ET    8 Views     Political 

    Jarrett: Rod Rosenstein Should Immediately Stop Overseeing the Mueller ‘Collusion’ Investigation
"No one can have confidence in the credibility and integrity of any report on the Mueller probe with Rosenstein at the helm"

Via: saraacarter.com | Author: Steven
10/11/2018 04:10:29 ET    5 Views     Political 

    Brutal debate takedown of Sheldon Whitehouse over ‘boofing’ interrogation of Kavanaugh
From Whitehouse to the outhouse

Via: legalinsurrection.com | Author: Steven
10/10/2018 19:10:41 ET    6 Views     Political 

    NY Democrat Blasts NY Sen. Gillibrand For Standing With Linda Sarsour
When the company you keep has fleas... well, you know

Via: dailywire.com | Author: Steven
10/10/2018 19:10:31 ET    10 Views     Political 

    As Crowd Chants 'Lock Her Up' Trump Drags Hillary’s Speaking Tour ‘Bad’ Trade Deal

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
10/10/2018 19:10:43 ET    9 Views     Political 

    Rand Paul’s Wife: “Our Family Has Experienced Violence At A Horrifying Level”

Via: theburningplatform.com | Author: Steven
10/10/2018 19:10:07 ET    5 Views     Political 

    Jittery Beto O'Rourke To Obama: Stay Out Of Texas
I guess that he's afraid of the Dear Leader huh?

Via: dailywire.com | Author: Steven
10/10/2018 19:10:12 ET    7 Views     Political 

    Susan Rice's Republican Son Allegedly Physically Assaulted At Pro-Kavanaugh Event
The libs probably called him a traitor too

Via: weaselzippers.us | Author: Steven
10/10/2018 19:10:42 ET    5 Views     Political 

    Trump supporters chant 'lock her up' -- about Dianne Feinstein
Hillary is going to get jealous

Via: washingtontimes.com | Author: Steven
10/10/2018 05:10:42 ET    7 Views     Political 

    Maxine Waters Calls Trump 'Poster Boy For A Mob Protester'
Then Auntie Maxine is the poster troll. Get back to your Impeach 45 chants, you're irrevelant

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
10/10/2018 05:10:19 ET    9 Views     Political 

    Rand Paul Calls Out Cory Booker’s Rhetoric - 'Someone Is Going To Be Killed'

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
10/10/2018 05:10:27 ET    10 Views     Political 

    Supreme Court Clears A Way For Voter ID Requirement In Key Senate Race The Daily Caller

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
10/10/2018 05:10:04 ET    19 Views     Political 

    Maxine Waters: Trump Is the Poster Boy for What a Mob Looks Like He's Been Violent in His Speech

Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
10/10/2018 05:10:09 ET    5 Views     Political 

    Senate Doxxer Jackson Cosko Held Without Bond – Judge Considers Him Too Dangerous to Release

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
10/10/2018 05:10:46 ET    5 Views     Political 

    Unreal! Elizabeth Warren’s Columbus Day tweets say it all about her ‘Pocahontas’ past

Via: mediaequalizer.com | Author: Steven
10/10/2018 05:10:16 ET    3 Views     Political 

    Ocasio-Cortez pressed on her plans for Congress, then delivers incoherent rant about ‘segmenting people’

Via: mediaequalizer.com | Author: Steven
10/10/2018 05:10:24 ET    5 Views     Political 

    Democrats Get Schooled on the Facts of Politics

Via: themaven.net | Author: Steven
10/09/2018 19:10:15 ET    8 Views     Political 

    The Tyranny of the Collective

Via: patriotretort.com | Author: Steven
10/09/2018 19:10:54 ET    7 Views     Political 

    Alaska GOP Party Chair: Murkowski Faces Very Significant Response Over Kavanaugh Opposition

Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
10/09/2018 19:10:44 ET    6 Views     Political 

    Unreal: Dem Sen. Hirono Defends Extreme Left-Wing Activist Tactics, Says People Are “Motivated By What Is Going On”…
Of course she will defend her own shock troops, Hitler defended his brown shirts

Via: weaselzippers.us | Author: Steven
10/09/2018 19:10:26 ET    7 Views     Political 

    Independents Disapprove Of Democrats’ Handling Of Kavanaugh Nomination By 28-point Margin
Democrats played this one rather stupidly, and if they lose, they will deserve it.

Via: weaselzippers.us | Author: Steven
10/09/2018 19:10:35 ET    8 Views     Political 

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Invokes Slavery In Her Call To Abolish Electoral College…
She's amazingly stupid, and it just keeps getting better.

Via: weaselzippers.us | Author: Steven
10/09/2018 19:10:42 ET    6 Views     Political 

    Hillary Clinton Tells Dems You ‘Can’t Be Civil’ With The Republican Party
What does she actually believe?

Via: weaselzippers.us | Author: Steven
10/09/2018 19:10:11 ET    7 Views     Political 

    GOP to Manchin: Thanks for the Kavanaugh vote, but we’re still coming for your seat

Via: theblaze.com | Author: Steven
10/09/2018 05:10:32 ET    7 Views     Political 

    Liberals are MELTING DOWN over what Trump did at Kavanaugh swearing in!!

Via: therightscoop.com | Author: Steven
10/09/2018 05:10:09 ET    9 Views     Political 

    Ocasio-Cortez pushes to abolish Electoral College, continues her stint as ‘the gift that keeps on giving’
Alexandria is nothing more than a useless idiot and I'll bet she even knows it

Via: bizpacreview.com | Author: Steven
10/09/2018 04:10:27 ET    4 Views     Political 

    Jarrett: Make the FBI’s Kavanaugh Report Public – Now

Via: saraacarter.com | Author: Steven
10/09/2018 04:10:22 ET    4 Views     Political 

    Justice Kavanaugh Sworn In At White House
Trump apologizes to the Kavanaugh family for the way they were treated during the confirmation process.

Via: legalinsurrection.com | Author: Steven
10/08/2018 19:10:28 ET    5 Views     Political 

    Independents Disapprove Of Dems Treatment Of Kavanaugh By A Wide Margin
"58% of independents disapproved"

Via: dailywire.com | Author: Steven
10/08/2018 19:10:40 ET    9 Views     Political 

    Donald Trump Apologizes to Brett Kavanaugh Family for Ugly Confirmation Process

Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
10/08/2018 19:10:04 ET    3 Views     Political 

    A Senate Democrat reportedly outsourced parts of Trump-Russia probe to operative linked to Soros, Fusion GPS

Via: bizpacreview.com | Author: Steven
10/08/2018 19:10:15 ET    3 Views     Political 

    Here We Go Again… Hillary Clinton Coughs Uncontrollably at Mansfield College – Requests Water
Where's the scooby van when you need it?

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
10/08/2018 19:10:50 ET    3 Views     Political 

    'A Shadow of Slavery's Power on America Today': Ocasio-Cortez Calls for Abolishing Electoral College
'It is well past time we eliminate the Electoral College.'

Via: insider.foxnews.com | Author: Steven
10/08/2018 19:10:03 ET    3 Views     Political 

    McConnell says he's open to Supreme Court nomination in 2020

Via: circa.com | Author: Steven
10/08/2018 19:10:57 ET    3 Views     Political 

    That "unpaid intern" accused of doxxing Senators on Capitol Hill wasn't unpaid after all.

Via: amgreatness.com | Author: Steven
10/08/2018 18:10:32 ET    6 Views     Political 

    6 lessons the GOP should learn from winning the Kavanaugh fight but probably won’t

Via: conservativereview.com | Author: Steven
10/08/2018 18:10:51 ET    3 Views     Political 

    Voting Against Kavanaugh Will Only Make Things Worse For Democrats
Between now and November 6, Christine Blasey Ford’s case will continue to crumble—and it may well bury several Democrat politicians or party operatives in the process.

Via: thefederalist.com | Author: Steven
10/06/2018 11:10:38 ET    8 Views     Political 

    Brett Kavanaugh's Ordeal Has Discredited His Liberal Tormentors
His tormentors are all liars, all of their stories fell apart

Via: weaselzippers.us | Author: Steven
10/06/2018 11:10:43 ET    4 Views     Political 

    Democrats now want to impeach Kavanaugh — but Ford says she’s had enough
Ford has had enough? She should be drug back to Washington and tried for her lies

Via: theblaze.com | Author: Steven
10/06/2018 11:10:47 ET    6 Views     Political 

    Heidi Heitkamp Ad Touting Bipartisanship Disappears After Kavanaugh Opposition
She's running for the hills, it's all over Heidi

Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
10/05/2018 19:10:10 ET    6 Views     Political 

    Unemployment dips to 3.7 percent - lowest in nearly 50 years
America is Winning, Winning, Winning under Trump

Via: washingtonexaminer.com | Author: Steven
10/05/2018 19:10:34 ET    7 Views     Political 

    This Mark Meadows interview, regarding the spying operation on the Trump team, is remarkable

Via: thehill.com | Author: Steven
10/05/2018 19:10:54 ET    8 Views     Political 

    Collusion bombshell: DNC lawyers met with FBI on Russia allegations before surveillance warrant

Via: thehill.com | Author: Steven
10/05/2018 19:10:41 ET    6 Views     Political 

    Salena Zito's new piece throws some water on the "Blue Wave" narrative

Via: washingtonexaminer.com | Author: Steven
10/05/2018 19:10:08 ET    6 Views     Political 

    Why Leftists Feel Entitled to Block Highways, Shut Down Speakers, and Harass Public Officials
See they really are crazy cat ladies

Via: dailysignal.com | Author: Steven
10/05/2018 19:10:26 ET    9 Views     Political 

    The Biggest Anti-Kavanaugh Lies from the Kavanaugh Hearings

Via: bongino.com | Author: Steven
10/05/2018 19:10:54 ET    7 Views     Political 

    Fords Ex-Boyfriend Told Senate He Saw Her Do Polygraph Coaching

Via: thefederalist.com | Author: Steven
10/05/2018 19:10:10 ET    7 Views     Political 

    Kuhner's Corner: Christine Ford’s Con

Via: wrko.iheart.com | Author: Steven
10/05/2018 13:10:26 ET    9 Views     Political 

    Sen. Susan Collins Escorted Through Halls of Congress by Army of Guards After Threats and Harassment from Dems Who Say They Respect Women
Democrats have engaged in an obvious, hypocritical campaign of threats, harassment and intimidation TOWARDS WOMEN!

Via: mikesamerica.blogspot.com | Author: Steven
10/05/2018 13:10:22 ET    8 Views     Political 

    CNN Analyst Max Boot Claims Trump Blaming Soros Is Like Blaming ‘The Jews’
Even though Soros is Jewish, he turned in his fellow Jews to the Nazis during WWII

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
10/05/2018 10:10:36 ET    5 Views     Political 

    FBI Investigation Reveals Evidence of a Vastly More Coordinated Effort
What we thought the whole time.

Via: themaven.net | Author: Steven
10/05/2018 07:10:23 ET    8 Views     Political 

    New Jersey Democrats Are So Done With Menendez That A Progressive Leader Just Endorsed Republican Challenger

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
10/05/2018 04:10:25 ET    17 Views     Political 

    Heitkamp has decided to DOOM her election chances with Kavanaugh vote!
Hooray for Heidi...

Via: therightscoop.com | Author: Steven
10/05/2018 04:10:17 ET    8 Views     Political 

    Lindsey Graham SMACKS DOWN anti-Kavanaugh protester with awesome Monty Python reference

Via: therightscoop.com | Author: Steven
10/05/2018 04:10:57 ET    14 Views     Political 

    Grassley Targets Ford's Attorneys: Hand Over Ford's Therapy Notes. UPDATE: Ford's Attorneys: You'll Just Have To Wait.

Via: dailywire.com | Author: Steven
10/05/2018 04:10:06 ET    4 Views     Political 

    Gotcha Dr. Ford! Oh, and Speaking of Sen. Blumenthal’s “Falsus In Uno, Falsus In Omnibus” …

Via: gellerreport.com | Author: Steven
10/05/2018 04:10:36 ET    6 Views     Political 

    Orrin Hatch Attacks Kavanaugh Opponents in WSJ Op-Ed ‘Spare Us The Pearl-Clutching’
Clutching, no, they'd steal your pearls

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
10/05/2018 04:10:59 ET    4 Views     Political 

    Report: Democrats 'Increasingly Anxious' About Avenatti's Role In Kavanaugh Accusations
Why? He's just another liar

Via: dailywire.com | Author: Steven
10/05/2018 04:10:06 ET    7 Views     Political 

    Did Christine Blasey Ford lie to the Senate about polygraphs? See the evidence for yourself.

Via: theblaze.com | Author: Steven
10/05/2018 04:10:29 ET    3 Views     Political 

    Investigate the Senate Democrat wrecking machine

Via: michellemalkin.com | Author: Steven
10/05/2018 04:10:04 ET    3 Views     Political 

Double Standard abound when it's a Democrat

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
10/05/2018 04:10:16 ET    3 Views     Political 

    Ocasio-Cortez Proves She Has No Idea What Congress Does

Via: dailywire.com | Author: Steven
10/05/2018 04:10:49 ET    7 Views     Political 

    Swing Vote Susan Collins Says FBI Investigation 'Appears Thorough.' Feinstein Rips It, Admits She Hasn't Read The Whole Report.
Feinstein is pathetic

Via: dailywire.com | Author: Steven
10/04/2018 11:10:26 ET    3 Views     Political 

    Brett Kavanaugh and the Problem With BelieveSurvivors The Atlantic
It's blowing up in their faces.

Via: theatlantic.com | Author: Steven
10/04/2018 08:10:10 ET    7 Views     Political 

    FBI confidential Kavanaugh report handed to White House Senate
If the motion passes, there will be up to 30 hours of debate, followed by a final confirmation vote, possibly Saturday.

Via: nbcnews.com | Author: Steven
10/04/2018 08:10:48 ET    6 Views     Political 

    Brett Kavanaugh vote: the two scenarios that could make or break Trump's legacy

Via: yahoo.com | Author: Steven
10/04/2018 08:10:41 ET    7 Views     Political 

    RED WAVE COMING? New poll reveals wide Democrat enthusiasm advantage has DISAPPEARED after Kavanaugh fight!!
Everything that they have tried for the past three years has FAILED !!!

Via: therightscoop.com | Author: Steven
10/04/2018 04:10:56 ET    11 Views     Political 

    Ocasio-Cortez: We Can’t Compromise With ‘Insane People’ on the Right ‘Holding the Country Hostage’
No honey, the insanity is on the left where it's always been.

Via: freebeacon.com | Author: Steven
10/04/2018 04:10:19 ET    10 Views     Political 

    Amid Kavanaugh drinking controversy, video of Obama admitting heavy drinking, drug abuse resurfaces
If it was good enough for choom gang Barry, what's the problem? Oh yeah, Democrats double standards and hypocrisy

Via: theblaze.com | Author: Steven
10/04/2018 04:10:06 ET    6 Views     Political 

    Ford’s lawyers agree to turn over evidence on Kavanaugh — if the FBI agrees to an interview

Via: theblaze.com | Author: Steven
10/04/2018 04:10:06 ET    6 Views     Political 

    James Baker Testimony: DNC Lawyers Met With FBI Officials Prior to October 2016 FISA Application…

Via: theconservativetreehouse.com | Author: Steven
10/04/2018 04:10:59 ET    8 Views     Political 

    McConnell Files Cloture On Kavanaugh Nomination. Senate Will Vote On Saturday.

Via: dailywire.com | Author: Steven
10/04/2018 04:10:17 ET    8 Views     Political 

    White House Finds No Corroboration of Kavanaugh Allegations in FBI Report
The report is now off to the Senate

Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
10/04/2018 04:10:16 ET    5 Views     Political 

    Red-state Dems face nightmare scenario on Kavanaugh

Via: thehill.com | Author: Steven
10/03/2018 05:10:38 ET    10 Views     Political 

    Brett Kavanaugh drama has at least taught the GOP these 3 lessons

Via: washingtonexaminer.com | Author: Steven
10/03/2018 05:10:16 ET    6 Views     Political 

    Anti-Kavanaugh Protester Confronts GOP Senator – He Pushes Back
Time for all Republicans to push back against their crazy pro-abortion cat ladies

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
10/02/2018 19:10:16 ET    18 Views     Political 

    Anti-Kavanaugh protesters accosting senators have ties to Soros
George Soros is behind this? Say it's not so... He's a disgusting human being who sold his own people out.

Via: foxnews.com | Author: Steven
10/02/2018 19:10:17 ET    9 Views     Political 

    Dem Rep. Elijah Cummings: Pelosi Will Be Speaker “Until She Decides To Leave”…
Really, you want to hitch your wagon to an old, tired woman with no chance of a new idea? Good luck with that.

Via: weaselzippers.us | Author: Steven
10/02/2018 19:10:05 ET    11 Views     Political 

    Trump Mocks Christine Ford's Allegation Against Kavanaugh

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
10/02/2018 19:10:16 ET    16 Views     Political 

    The New York Times Preparing Hit Piece On Brett Kavanaugh For Party Planning
Everything else that they've tried has fallen apart so now they're starting a new smear. That's all they have left.

Via: thefederalist.com | Author: Steven
10/02/2018 19:10:54 ET    19 Views     Political 

    Ex-Boyfriend Of Kavanaugh Accuser Swetnick Says She Liked To Have Sex With More Than One Guy At A Time
Her story is falling apart, there is no truth in it

Via: dailywire.com | Author: Steven
10/02/2018 19:10:47 ET    9 Views     Political 

    Maxine Waters Angrily Denies Allegation Someone in Her Office Doxxed GOP Senators
“This suggests she doesn’t have the temperment to be a Member of Congress.”

Via: legalinsurrection.com | Author: Steven
10/02/2018 19:10:59 ET    16 Views     Political 

    Dan Bongino: Jeff Flake Has No Spine
True, and it's time for him to stand up and grow one

Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
10/02/2018 19:10:05 ET    11 Views     Political 

    Minnesota Senate candidate calls on state to investigate Keith Ellison domestic abuse allegations
Ellison has vehemently denied the accusations, but there are photos and videos. So where is the metoo moveement? Keith must support abortion, so they say NOTHING !!!

Via: infowars.com | Author: Steven
10/02/2018 07:10:43 ET    15 Views     Political 

    California governor signs bill requiring women on corporate boards by end of 2019
Pretty soon they will tell you who many blacks, latinos, satanists, transgenders and communists you need on the board too

Via: theblaze.com | Author: Steven
10/02/2018 07:10:20 ET    13 Views     Political 

    Fact Check: Elizabeth Warren tweeted Kavanaugh refused to cooperate with FBI investigation
Elizabeth he's been through 6 already, you're a liar and you need to stop.

Via: bizpacreview.com | Author: Steven
10/02/2018 07:10:32 ET    14 Views     Political 

    George W. Bush Whipping Votes For Kavanaugh
"He is a fine husband, father, and friend — and a man of the highest integrity."

Via: dailywire.com | Author: Steven
10/02/2018 06:10:53 ET    19 Views     Political 

    Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell’s memo and timeline to the Senate Judiciary Committee

Via: thebullelephant.com | Author: Steven
10/02/2018 06:10:06 ET    14 Views     Political 

    US Increasingly Moving Away from Rule of Law, Toward Mob Rule

Via: cnsnews.com | Author: Steven
10/02/2018 06:10:27 ET    11 Views     Political 

    Manafort meets with Mueller prosecutors
The sit-down stems from a guilty plea that requires the former Trump campaign chairman to cooperate with the special counsel's probe.

Via: politico.com | Author: Steven
10/02/2018 06:10:27 ET    9 Views     Political 

    Julie Swetnicks rape train claims against Kavanaugh crash and burn in NBC Interview
NBC can’t corroborate, she backtracks on Kavanaugh alleged involvement, and her key contemporaneous witnesses are dead or don’t know her.

Via: legalinsurrection.com | Author: Steven
10/02/2018 06:10:54 ET    17 Views     Political 

    Karen Monahan Shares Why She Won't Release Alleged Ellison Abuse Video

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
10/02/2018 06:10:13 ET    15 Views     Political 

    Patrick Smyth Interviewed By FBI Reaffirms He Has No Knowledge Of Any Such Party Or Assault
Not just no recollection, ‘no knowledge’ = refutation.

Via: weaselzippers.us | Author: Steven
10/02/2018 06:10:19 ET    13 Views     Political 

    Kavanaugh Smear Campaign – Anticipating Mid-Week Shift To Phase #4

Via: theconservativetreehouse.com | Author: Steven
10/02/2018 06:10:18 ET    12 Views     Political 

    NBC News Makes Three Failed Attacks on Brett Kavanaugh. Total Bias Against Him.

Via: themaven.net | Author: Steven
10/02/2018 06:10:54 ET    11 Views     Political 

    Jarrett: At Kavanaugh Hearing, Democrats’ Outrageous Conduct Victimizes Him, Ford and All Americans
Kavanaugh condemned their actions for transforming the Senate confirmation process into “a national disgrace” and “replacing advise and consent with search and destroy.”

Via: saraacarter.com | Author: Steven
10/02/2018 06:10:16 ET    9 Views     Political 

    So much for #MeToo: Keith Ellison lawyer says abuse claim “unsubstantiated”
Better check the photos, cause you're lying...

Via: therightscoop.com | Author: Steven
10/01/2018 19:10:09 ET    7 Views     Political 

    Kavanaugh friend Mark Judge has been interviewed by FBI – The Right Scoop

Via: therightscoop.com | Author: Steven
10/01/2018 19:10:44 ET    7 Views     Political 

    Kuhner's Corner: Are Kavanaugh’s Accusers Lying?

Via: wrko.iheart.com | Author: Steven
10/01/2018 18:10:31 ET    7 Views     Political 

    Sparing Rod Unpacking the Trump-Rosenstein Relationship

Via: realclearinvestigations.com | Author: Steven
10/01/2018 18:10:53 ET    10 Views     Political 

    Byron York: In Kavanaugh fight Democrats move goalposts far far away

Via: washingtonexaminer.com | Author: Steven
10/01/2018 18:10:38 ET    9 Views     Political 

    Andrew Gillums Staffer Fired for Tweeting in Favor of Trump's Execution
This is who the Democrats really are, this one got caught and that's the only reason that the firing happened

Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
10/01/2018 04:10:54 ET    18 Views     Political 

    Kavanaugh And The Depth Of Democratic Evil

Via: trevorloudon.com | Author: Steven
10/01/2018 04:10:42 ET    12 Views     Political 

    Kavanaugh accuser Christine Ford releases results of polygraph test, but key detail appears to contradict past statements
She's lying and I don't believe her for one second

Via: foxnews.com | Author: Steven
10/01/2018 04:10:04 ET    10 Views     Political 

    Kanye Tells SNL Audience The Truth, Gets Booed
The left is just full of hate and is losing it's power, booing is all they have left.

Via: ibloga.blogspot.com | Author: Steven
10/01/2018 04:10:27 ET    15 Views     Political 

    "Women For Kavanaugh" March On Washington In Support Of Supreme Court Nominee

Via: zerohedge.com | Author: Steven
10/01/2018 04:10:42 ET    10 Views     Political 

    Trump says FBI has 'free rein' in Kavanaugh investigation

Via: circa.com | Author: Steven
10/01/2018 04:10:45 ET    10 Views     Political 

    Kavanaugh’s hearings are a national disaster — and the worst is yet to come

Via: nypost.com | Author: Steven
10/01/2018 04:10:44 ET    11 Views     Political 

    U.S. reaches trade deal with Canada and Mexico, providing Trump a crucial win

Via: politico.com | Author: Steven
10/01/2018 04:10:08 ET    9 Views     Political 

    Details of F.B.I.’s Kavanaugh Inquiry Show Its Restricted Range

Via: nytimes.com | Author: Steven
09/30/2018 12:09:16 ET    14 Views     Political 

    'I'm a victim of sexual assault': Kellyanne Conway chokes up as she makes shocking revelation on CNN while defending SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh

Via: dailymail.co.uk | Author: Steven
09/30/2018 12:09:54 ET    9 Views     Political 

    FBI has contacted ANOTHER Kavanaugh accuser….

Via: therightscoop.com | Author: Steven
09/29/2018 18:09:56 ET    11 Views     Political 

    Pelosi slams 'hysterical' Kavanaugh, talks possible impeachment
Hysterical? Please Nancy resign...

Via: washingtontimes.com | Author: Steven
09/29/2018 18:09:52 ET    9 Views     Political 

    Andrew Gillum campaign loses Manny Orozco-Ballestas after offensive tweets emerge

Via: washingtontimes.com | Author: Steven
09/29/2018 18:09:02 ET    12 Views     Political 

    Mr. President, tear down the wall hiding those FISA abuses

Via: thehill.com | Author: Steven
09/29/2018 14:09:21 ET    22 Views     Political 

    Supreme Court jumps to top election issue for first time, beats healthcare, economy

Via: washingtonexaminer.com | Author: Steven
09/29/2018 14:09:57 ET    13 Views     Political 

    Soros setup: ‘Victim’ screaming at Flake in elevator is Co-Exec. Director of Soros-funded organization

Via: bizpacreview.com | Author: Steven
09/29/2018 11:09:32 ET    12 Views     Political